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Meditation is not contemplation. Meditation is not concentration. Meditation is a state of being. It is a state of awareness. Now awareness is tricky. People think they know what awareness is, but it is something which is not properly known. You may think that all this may be happening – body movements, sensory perceptions, even thinking; yet you can be absolutely unaware of it.
Meditation is not about doing something; rather it is about doing nothing. Mediation is experiencing emptiness and enjoying it – though this enjoying is a mind-oriented experience. Both joy and sorrow are experienced by the mind – and anything that is experienced by the mind does not include meditation. Whatever we do, is done through and by our mind. And releasing ourselves from the clutches of our mind is called meditation.


Meditation is a way of life. It is to be lived. Meditation is not difficult . It just needs to be learnt from a master as until and unless we learn, everything is difficult. An enlightened mystic, a spiritual guide and a beloved master, Anandmurti Gurumaa has designed and developed various meditation techniques especially for the man of modern times, available in the form of pre-recorded cds and tapes. Active meditation, Urja; Passive meditation, Nishkriya; Buddhist meditation, Sacred Spaces are to name a few amongst the vast array of meditation techniques by Gurumaa.