Buddhist Meditation Techniques

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Since time immemorial, sages, masters, and mystics have been descending on the planet earth to take humanity towards higher consciousness. They dispel the darkness of ignorance and make it all luminous with their wisdom, love and compassion. They take birth, they become an embodiment of the ultimate experience that can happen to any human being, and do the great work of transforming lives in their own unique ways.

One of such great mystic who graced the mankind is the revered Gautama Buddha, who renounced the comforts and luxuries of world to discover his true eternal nature. He went into deep meditation, attained nirvana, and then illuminated all around with his splendid and gracious presence. Buddha-the enlightened one is not the name of a person but the state of being. And every individual has the potential to be a Buddha, rather every human being is a Buddha, the only difference is that Gautama became awakened Buddha and we are asleep.

Gautama compassionately shared his experiences and gave mankind numerous ways which are widely known as Buddhist meditation techniques. The most basic yet deep meditation involves the mindfulness meditation technique which requires being totally aware of oneself and one’s surroundings. This mindfulness meditation is also referred in the eightfold path.

Another one is the breathing meditation technique which is very simple in nature and practice. It is all about breathing naturally with full consciousness. In the beginning one is often asked to be aware of inhalation and exhalation and then count to ten. If in between you just get involved with the thoughts and you loose track, then you start the count again. Breathing has to be slow and deep. With the regular practice of this breathing meditation, by and by the seeker triumphs the vicious circle of thoughts and is victorious. But this journey of persistent practice of spiritual meditation techniques needs blazing fire within to realize oneself.

That was the time of Buddha when he guided his disciples, and today we have guided meditation techniques available in the form of a cd. These guided meditation cds are no substitute to the guidance of an enlightened master. Nothing compares to the splendor and effulgence of the master’s presence that enters one’s being and brings the real transformation beyond imagination.

The enlightened woman mystic, Anandmurti Gurumaa, is using a lot of buddhist meditation techniques and moulding them artistically for today's minds. Gurumaa's guided meditation techniques are working wonders for people from all the corners of the world. Do visit the gurumaa site and explore it yourself!
Mystica Music has also got a few soothing relaxation meditation music cds which can be used for stress relief and mind relaxation.

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