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Meditation is an Experience, Not a Philosophy

Life is full of stress related experiences, where one goes through the highs and lows, constantly or continuously. I have heard that the art of meditation can help me overcome these circumstances. I want to know about meditation. Can you please tell me something about how to meditate and how can one experience complete relaxation in meditation?

This is what a novice who is suffering from some psychological upheaval asked a yoga professional. And the simple answer that came from the expert is: meditation is the way to increase concentration. You just sit with legs crossed, spine straight, and light a candle in front of you. Now keep gazing at the unwavering flame till your eyes can bear and then just close your eyes. So, now you have done meditation.

Wow! What an explanation. But is this what we call meditation?

No! But unfortunately this is what has been understood by a common man. In reality, no answers can ever suffice to elucidate what meditation is all about and how the regular daily…