Meditation is an Experience, Not a Philosophy

Life is full of stress related experiences, where one goes through the highs and lows, constantly or continuously. I have heard that the art of meditation can help me overcome these circumstances. I want to know about meditation. Can you please tell me something about how to meditate and how can one experience complete relaxation in meditation?

This is what a novice who is suffering from some psychological upheaval asked a yoga professional. And the simple answer that came from the expert is: meditation is the way to increase concentration. You just sit with legs crossed, spine straight, and light a candle in front of you. Now keep gazing at the unwavering flame till your eyes can bear and then just close your eyes. So, now you have done meditation.

Wow! What an explanation. But is this what we call meditation?

No! But unfortunately this is what has been understood by a common man. In reality, no answers can ever suffice to elucidate what meditation is all about and how the regular daily…

Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Since time immemorial, sages, masters, and mystics have been descending on the planet earth to take humanity towards higher consciousness. They dispel the darkness of ignorance and make it all luminous with their wisdom, love and compassion. They take birth, they become an embodiment of the ultimate experience that can happen to any human being, and do the great work of transforming lives in their own unique ways.

One of such great mystic who graced the mankind is the revered Gautama Buddha, who renounced the comforts and luxuries of world to discover his true eternal nature. He went into deep meditation, attained nirvana, and then illuminated all around with his splendid and gracious presence. Buddha-the enlightened one is not the name of a person but the state of being. And every individual has the potential to be a Buddha, rather every human being is a Buddha, the only difference is that Gautama became awakened Buddha and we are asleep.

Gautama compassionately shared his experiences …

Meditation Techniques - Urja Sakriya Dhyan by Gurumaa

Mind is always restless, always in a state of flux. It is difficult for us to sit in the silent mode, to be in a relaxed state of mind. What to say about meditation, even simple relaxation is difficult. We need to undergo catharsis to remove all the repressions, all the emotional clouds, all the useless chattering that goes on in the mind. When we achieve this state, we’ll be able to relax totally.

Urja Meditation or Dynamic Meditation is based on ancient methodology of a special breathing technique called Kapalbhati which involves strong and forceful exhalations. This process brings about catharsis which cleanses the inner recesses of the mind – and then mindfulness becomes easy. This exercise can give excellent results if done with conviction. You will glide into a state where mind will be totally at peace, relaxed, energized. Layers upon layers will get clearer and once all these are cleared and there is emptiness, then there will come this bright light of consciousness.

Meditation i…


Meditation is not contemplation. Meditation is not concentration. Meditation is a state of being. It is a state of awareness. Now awareness is tricky. People think they know what awareness is, but it is something which is not properly known. You may think that all this may be happening – body movements, sensory perceptions, even thinking; yet you can be absolutely unaware of it.
Meditation is not about doing something; rather it is about doing nothing. Mediation is experiencing emptiness and enjoying it – though this enjoying is a mind-oriented experience. Both joy and sorrow are experienced by the mind – and anything that is experienced by the mind does not include meditation. Whatever we do, is done through and by our mind. And releasing ourselves from the clutches of our mind is called meditation.


Meditation is a way of life. It is to be lived. Meditation is not difficult . It just needs to be learnt from a master as until and unless we learn, everything is difficult. An enlightened mystic, a spiritual guide and a beloved master, Anandmurti Gurumaa has designed and developed various meditation techniques especially for the man of modern times, available in the form of pre-recorded cds and tapes. Active meditation, Urja; Passive meditation, Nishkriya; Buddhist meditation, Sacred Spaces are to name a few amongst the vast array of meditation techniques by Gurumaa.